The Future of Global Wet Wipe Market: Baby Wet Wipe Take 44.6%

In recent years, the increase of people’s consumption and health awareness has promoted the growth of the global wet wipe market. The European and American areas still occupy the major share. In addition, the demand for baby wet wipes is the largest and this situation will not change in the next few years.

1.Wet wipe market has exceeded $15 billion in 2020

Wet wipe, as its name, is a moist paper to wipe the skin. From it Is invented in the 1920s, it has developed into two kinds. One is designed with a disinfection function, which can disinfection or sterilize the skin. The other one is only a skin moisturizing maintenance product and does not have a disinfectant effect. As a product used in many scenarios such as families, hotels, and hospitals, wet wipes are expanding continuously its market in recent years and the improvement of people’s consumption power and health awareness. In 2019, the global wet wipes market has reached $14.447 billion and is expected to reach $15.356 billion in 2020, with an average annual growth rate of more than 4%.

2.Baby wipes are in greatest demand

According to the different use scenarios, general wipes can be divided into baby wipes, household cleaning wipes, make-up wipes, general purpose wipes, wet toilet paper, and female care wipes. At present, baby wipes occupy the main market share, accounting for as high as 44.06%. This was followed by household cleaning wipes and cosmetic wipes, both accounting for more than 10 percent. The feminine care wipes market is the smallest, accounting for only 1.34% of the total wipes market.

Meanwhile, according to Euromonitor’s forecast, the market for baby wipes will continue to grow at an accelerated rate of about 6.9% annually from 2019 to 2024, remaining the No. 1 category.

General-purpose wipes and toilet paper are expected to grow at 6% or more a year. Feminine care wipes will continue to grow at a slower rate in the future, about 1.9%.

3.Europe and the United States are the largest consumer markets while Central Africa and other regions have great potential

Health awareness in Europe and the United States is the earliest, so the popularity of wet wipes products in Europe and the United States is high. Europe and the United States are the main consumer market for wet wipes in the world. North America and Europe respectively occupy 37.55% and 26.66% of the global wet wipes consumer market. However, in terms of growth rate, the size of the wet wipes market in the Middle East, Africa (MENA), Latin America, and Asia-Pacific regions grew much faster than that in North America from 2014 to 2019, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10% in the MENA region in particular.

In the future, as the consumption power of residents in these regions continues to improve and the health awareness of residents continues to spread, the wet wipes market size will continue to expand, and the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and Asia Pacific region wet wipes market development potential is huge.

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