Future diaper market: Demand for Thin and soft baby diaper is going to rise

According to FMI(Future Market Insights), the global baby diaper market is predicted to increase by over 5% at a CAGR between 2021 and 2031, mainly because of the surging need for thin and multi-layer baby diapers. Connect with the parents’ precaution about baby’s hygiene, baby diaper has evolved a technique to prevent baby from skin rashes and other issues.

 Diaper giants like Pampers have used wearable smart technology in baby diaper production. For example, they have introduced a smart diaper that can send a notification to parents when it should be changed.

Although the declining birth rate of the world is not good for the development of the baby diaper market, market players have attached the customer emotions with the product and propel the market growth to new levels.

“Customer inclination towards eco-friendly and recycled products has driven the market players towards developing superabsorbent polymer for baby diapers. Increasing innovation towards recycling disposable diapers will intensify the baby diaper market growth,” says the FMI analyst

Market insight in different countries

-Absence of fund allotment for buying baby diapers in state and government baby safety programs in the US has stressed the baby diaper market in the country. Increasing consumer spending on baby diapers in convenience stores will significantly influence the market demand.

-Rising prevalence of stillbirth in the U.K along with decreasing total fertility rate among women aged below 30 years will have a negative impact on the baby diapers market.

-Despite the falling birth rate and death rates, China is expected to offer growth opportunities during the forecast period.

-Competitive pricing and efforts to provide finished products at low cost to capture the market in Australia will boost the baby diaper market sales. Increased per capita income and high demand have pushed the market players to establish production plant capacity in Australia.

-Growing urbanization in countries like South Africa and Turkey along with improved lifestyle choices due to increased income has significantly affected the baby diaper market growth. The rising production of baby diapers in the Middle East and Africa region will further boost the baby diaper market growth.

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