Why Does Your Diaper Need Wetness Indicator?

You may often see wetness indicators in many products like baby diapers, training pants, and adult diapers. As a diaper wholesaler or distributor, you must know:1. why this function matters? 2. different kinds of wetness indicators. 3.how to choose a good diaper with a wetness indicator. Reading this article, you will have another reason to persuade your customers to buy your product and help them make a smarter decision in choosing wetness indicator.

as a diaper dealer, add wetness to your diaper, you will get added value and differentiate your product from that of your competitors.

1.The benefits of wetness indicator

It is important to changing diaper immediately when the diaper has absorbed enough urine. Long time toughing with wet diaper will make baby skin irritated and make them feel uncomfortable. So using diaper with wetness indicator you can find when the diaper has reach its maximum absorption by the change of its color. In addition, it also can reduce the waste due to unnecessary or premature diaper changes

2.Different kind of wetness indicator

. Hot-Melt Wetness indicator (HMWI)

. Ink type

Hot-Melt wetness indicators are designed to change color from yellow to green or blue when exposed to urine from inside the diaper.

The color of Ink type wetness indicators fades as a reaction to liquid, specifically urine.

3.How to choose a good diaper with a wetness indicator.

You must remember, not all the wetness indicator can work well. Usually, we need it to perform fast, easily, consistently, and most importantly, safe.

So if you want to buy diapers with a wetness indicator, you can judge their performance from the following several aspects:


  • -Fast reaction. It should have fast and clear color changing. You can pour water on the diaper to check it’s quality. The faster the color changing speed, the better the wetness indicator be.
  • -Safe to human’s body. It’s material should be non-toxic, non-stimulative. The best way to check it’s quality is to ask you supplier for quality certificates
  • -Resistant to humidity. This prevents premature or partial indications occurring during processing, storage or in use before insult. It means long storage time and stable performance.
  • -Faithworthy production line. The workshop must be clean and neat. You can ask for factory photos or visit workshop by yourself.
  • -Thermal stability and environmental stability.

Our company has been working in diaper business for many years and has advanced technique in wetness indicator. Gemini will be a reasonable choice for you.

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